ScoreNEET (Online Access)

ScoreNEET (Online Access)

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ScoreNEET simplifies the NEET curriculum into engaging content through videos and animations. It provides access to video lectures, tracks your performance, clears your doubts and lets you take up challenging assignments that stimulate your mind. 

The online variant can be accessed online through our web and mobile apps [Requires Internet].

Course Content & Features:

  • Videos - 5000+ videos simplifying all the concepts of Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry
  • Practice Content - 20000+ Practice questions
  • Practice Mock Tests - 1800+ mock tests with solutions
  • Doubts Forum - The go-to forum to get your subject queries clarified. Also a great place to connect with serious aspirants such as you
  • Detailed Analytics - Be battle-ready by analyzing your performance and identifying your strengths and areas of improvement

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